Monday, December 20, 2004

We Hates the Worms, Precious! We Hates Them Forever!

Virus type worms, that is. Nasty security program jamming little buggers. Finally, though, after three days, I think I've not only gotten rid of them, but also very neatly collapsed their sneaky little cyberspace tunnels and sealed them off with concrete.

And if that doesn't work, I'm going to find a really, really, big, mean, virtual roc and set it loose in my system.

So there.


Feeble Knees said...

Sorry to hear of your computer troubles. Such a pain!

Randy said...

Yesssss.... we hateses the wormseses

Glad to hear you are fighting back.

David said...

Cindy - Girl, you crack me up. And, it's a pleasure to read the thoughts-in-progress of someone who cares for and works on making good sentences. You've now made it on to my own daily read list (er, congratulations? I ain't The Partisan Review,) alongside Doonesbury, The New Republic, The New York Times,, and more callboards than should exist in a town as small as Portland.


Cindy said...

Feebs--Thank you for the sympathy. Considering the temper I worked myself into, I doubt I deserve it, though. :p

Randy--Now you're scaring ME!

David--I shall have to check out some of your other daily reads so see in what company I dwell. They sound potentially intimidating. :) You mentioned on your blog that you used to write for a living, didn't you? What kind of writing did you do?

Jungle Pop said...

Sounds like some little hobbit's using too many Microsoft products!