Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Time Enough

Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.” ---Matthew 11:19b

So often my instinctual wisdom flies in the face of everything I’ve learned about how we “ought” to live. Time, for example, is a concept beyond me. I always feel rushed and overwhelmed, unable to accomplish what I think is expected when I try to measure up, to live in the world at its own pace. My own instinct tells me to slow down and pay attention, to dwell in the light present in the everyday, in the mundane. I have to keep reminding myself. . .

There is enough time. There is enough time. There is time enough and time enough and time enough to move through this world slowly, to take it in, hold it in one’s open heart and let it rest and flutter there, to trace its markings with a fingertip, to wonder at its fragile bones, its feet pressing into your palms and the multi-faceted eyes that turn upon their stalks.

There is time for this. For your child reading, pressed against your side, finger following beneath the flowing words, her voice dropping baubles of bright sound into the air. Time enough for silence, for the rhythms of the winter stove, its old unbalanced fan pulsing heat into the chilly house, faithful in decrepitude. Time for the savoring of sheets, flannel in your hold as you tug and pull them smooth; for dishes lifted shining from the soapy water; for the plucking off of dead leaves from the houseplants stretching their slow tendrils on the windowsills; for the wiping away of dust; for the revealing of what lies beneath.

There is time enough, and wisdom is vindicated by her deeds.

“Let the excellence of your work be your protest,” William Lane, a college professor and mentor, told Michael Card.

Let the excellence of your life be your protest. Vindicate the wisdom you are given. Let the world unfurl its wings in your open hand. Open your eyes. Be still. See. Stand witness.


Joyella said...

Beautifully written, Cindy.

I am often finding I wish to hurry time on, as things are unpleasant for me presently. I hope to speed along time to get to the "better part", expecting it to come. Your words remind me of the saying, "Life is what happens to you while you wait for something to happen." (or something like that). Anyway, thank you for the little reminder of savoring the good parts, the fleeting beauty of this present moment.

Ben said...

BEAUutifully written indeed. My soul got so still so fast. Ok that last sentence sounds like an oxymoron.
But it's not. Wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

Great Scott! said:

Durn, you write good.

Cindy said...

Joyella--You came to mind when it was being written. :) I know you have little ones, and that makes it harder, sometimes to slow down. They're hard to keep up with.

Ben--Good. Still souls are good. :) Thank you for telling me. I want to write well, yes, but more than anything else, I long to make a difference. So your comment is muchly appreciated.

Great Scott!--Why Thankyeeuuuw! ;)

Randy said...

I was sad about the duck but am now very happy to see you soar :)