Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Songs, Fairies and the Urge to Decapitate Something

My girls love to watch cartoons on Saturday morning when they can get away with it. Their favorite one is Winx Club, a weekly installment of incredibly girly fairies fighting evil. This last weekend, our daughters managed to memorize the entire theme song and then sang it for two days straight, non-stop. Now, granted, I love to hear their lovely voices. Their pitch and rhythm accuracy is quite remarkable for their ages. But there are only so many times one can hear the Winx Club theme song, even if it does have quality lyrics like the following:

We've got the style,
and we've got the flair!
Look all you want,
but don't touch the hair!

It was amusing in a warped sort of way the first fifteen times. What isn't so amusing is that even after the girls stopped singing this charming little ditty, it remains perkily playing itself through my mind.

I need a nice calming walk through the woods. Yes. Wind through the bare limbs, the scent of gently molding leaves and fallen hedge apples, water running over stone, the silence broken only by scattered phrases of birdsong and the sound of my own even breaths. Yes. That should help.

Perhaps I might even see a real, live fairy!

I could stomp its little head! (Oh, joyous thought!)


Randy said...

Oh hi girly fairy... no, I don't want to look at you or touch your hair but could you do me a favor? Could you fly down around my shoes? I need some help with my shoelaces ...

Yesss... we likeses the fairy ::: whomp :::

I find that a terribly amusing idea. Kind of in a Shrek kind of way.

Shelley said...

Found your link on "Feeble Knees'" blog...am quite enjoying the read--though I DID have to look up 'quotidian' :) And I'm a word person too! (It even stumped my husby who teaches college english!)

I haven't yet experienced 'Winx Club', as my two year old little girl is still in a massive 'Barney" phase...but let me tell you that "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me" was playing over and over in my head last night--seriously stunting my sleep. It wouldn't stop! I could NOTHING to make it stop!

I too need a walk in the woods...I LONG for the solitude, and need to hear God whispering there. I find that the woods is the only place I'm able to actually forget about everything else. And I don't even try...I just realize as I'm headed home that all my anxious thoughts re-appear, and I hadn't even noticed they were gone in the midst of all of my peacefullness.

Anyway, happy walking. I don't have a blog anymore (though I may start one up again...was being directed to different projects so I'm on hiatus...) but if you are interested in my archives, here's the address: findingnormal.blogspot.com. I disabled the comments because I was afraid I wouldn't obey if I got ANY feedback on my leaving.

Joyella said...

I taught my kids early that "Barney is for babies" so they never wanted to watch it. I had my fill of Barney as a nanny--I wanted to decapitate one purple dinosaur. As for fairies, they are hit or miss...(pun intended) I like the mid-summer-night's-dream, and Lord of the Rings sort, haven't seen the Winx-y-majig you mentioned.

Cindy said...

Randy--You are warped!! I almost feel guilty for liking you for it. (But not quite. ;) )

Shelly--I enjoyed your archives. There's common ground between us. :) May you have many, many walks in the woods. I think mothers of young children should have them legally required for mental health purposes. "Quotidian", BTW, is a word I didn't know until I stumbled onto Kathleen Norris's Quotidian Mysteries: Laundry, Liturgy and Women's Work. It's been a favorite word ever since.

Joyella--That, my friend, was a BAD pun! I enjoyed it immensely. ;)