Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wisdom from my Brother: Regarding the Mind-Hive

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"Do not succumb to the seduction of relinquishing your marble bag to the mind-hive."

(And, yes, that is, indeed, my real brother.)


Randy said...

That is a fun picture. It's also nice to put a face on your brother. I will beware of marbles and mind hives.

Cindy said...

Oh, if you want to put a FACE on him, I've got some REALLY good pictures I could post! :::gleeful evil grin:::

Marbles can be good or bad. The Mind-Hive is always bad. Beware.

Lauren said...

Ask Darin where we put the calamine lotion on the mind hive! Heheheh..and if you *really* want some pictures.. I bet I could dig a few up from Brad's closet of the both of them in their more serious youthful days ::grin more evil than Cindy's::

Barbara said...

What wisdom! I will do my best not to succumb!
Happy New Year!

Cindy said...

Lauren--Just so long as the pics don't include their apartment in the background. Now that WOULD be frightening!

Barbara--Happy New Year to you, too! I suspect you're familiar with the dangers of mind-hives and marble bags and salute your efforts to resist. :)