Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thirteen Things about Lucinda

1. I have been working on two computers simultaneously for the last 4.5 hours.

2. There are nearly always dirty dishes beside my kitchen sink.

3. Fourteen of my twenty-four potted houseplants are bloooming or budded.

4. Twelve of the fourteen do or will have purple blossoms.

5. I make beaded bookmarks.

6. I was up until 2:something a.m. last night.

7. I heard my father laugh this morning.

8. I am amused by quizzes and people who perceive something sinister about me.

9. Pressure is not my friend.

10. Last night I was startled by my older daughter when I caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye and thought there was a strange adult in the house with me.

11. My daughters are both blonde.

12. My husband is a former red-head turning brown-blonde.

13. My hair is the color of dark walnut stain...but a little less green.

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Jen said...

Wow, that's so cool about your plants! I can only have ones that will tolerate my neglect, so they don't really bloom so much as "not die."

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll go link you up!

Dawn said...

Cindy, I loved your list... this is fun, getting to read different things about different people. I especially loved the one about dirty dishes... what would a house be without dirty dishes in the sink. I think they make a house feel, well, lived in. : )

Fieldfleur said...

Pressure not my friend either, amigo. But shouldn't we have an ounce or two to accomplish an ounce or two? Sigh, back to the hammock.


Cindy said...

Jen--Thanks for stopping by. I think the "secret" to a green thumb is, indeed having plants that are neglect tolerant. What do you think I'm doing? ;)

Dawn--Oh, thank you for the encouraging word about undone dishes. They are the bane of my existance. Our house is, indeed, "lived in."

Teri--You have a hammock?!?! I'm jealous.

Michael said...

Cindy - Just curious, do you use seed beads on your bookmarks? My wife is an avid beader and seed beeds are her favorite medium.

Fieldfleur said...

The proverbial hammock ... wait a minute -- is that the same as a figurative hammock? Yes, I definitely possess a fantasy hammock if that's what you're jealous of. Some may just call it laziness.


Cindy said...

Michael--The only seed beads I've used on them thus far have been as spacer beads, although I do use seed beads to make tiny insects out of beads and fine wire. I've seen pictures of your wife's work on Stickpoet; she works with a beading loom, doesn't she? Looks very complicated, and impressive.

Teri--I wish I could reach the point of enjoying my own laziness instead of being beaten up by guilt over it. (i.e. Teri's laziness=hammock; Cindy's laziness=getting mangled in a Murphy bed.) :p

Michael said...


Occasionally my wife uses a loom but not that often. Actually I don't believe any pictures you would have seen on my blog are made with the aid of a loom.

Cindy said...

Michael--I went back and looked closer. Of course, you're right. Much more intricate stuff than loom work. I'm even more impressed with her skill.