Saturday, January 07, 2006

Friday Night Fun

Great Scott has an ongoing topic of tease with our daughters: namely that he moved us to the country so he'd have more room to bury any boys who showed too much interest in one of the girls. Upon his arrival home last night he was greeted by our luxuriantly blonde older daughter, who looked up from her homework at the table to say matter-of-factly and with a perfectly straight face, "Hi. It's time to dig those holes."

Reason # 457.

Last night was great fun. One of Great Scott's former-students-now-turned-friend-to-us-both came for dinner and the evening. Jennifer's on break from her journalism studies in Columbia (Mizzou) where she started the blog Wonderfully Ill-Composed for a class. (Now that the semester's over, she's open for topic ideas to continue blogging, BTW. You can leave hellos and suggestions for her here.) She was fun company: gentle and conversant with the girls as well as us, entertaining, and equally willing to share pictures from her summer in Colorado or grate cheese for the lasagne. We will take her any time we can get her.

I'll leaves the details of Jennifer's visit to Great Scott to post on Grumpy Teacher since she was his student. It's only fair that he have writing dibs on her, I admit. I will mention, though, that she left with us a Magnetic Poetry Calendar. It was long after midnight before I was able to tear myself away from those fascinating little magnetic words, my task complicated by the fact that both Great Scott and our younger daughter had already composed pieces of their own which I was loath cannibalize. At last I tottered off to bed, a fond and sleepy smile upon my face and two veritable works of poetic genius upon the board:

apples sing in that gray weather
birds spin cloud to fire
as they fly__the season
can bloom or ice__all month
you and I look out at sun
on storm__we flower through
fall rain and melting light


have a buttered pumpkin popsicle
here__eat it__smile too

For good company and ghastly composition, Jennifer, we are in your debt. Thank you. :)


Rae said...

Ahhh, J-School at Mizzou.

Sigh...that was once me.

Sounds like a wonderful evening, Cindy. And have I somehow missed Great Scott's blog? Hmm...

Also, my girls want a t-shirt (I am thinking I can pull it off from Cafe Press) that says, "Don't even think about it. My daddy's a Marine." Heh.

Lovely poetry, Cindy. I love your cognation :D

Rae said...

Oops, that was me (Rae). I started a Virtual Baby Shower Blog (needs a bit more work) and have forgotten to keep it separate from myself.

Connie said...

Laughter, conversation and poetry. What a great evening!! May this New Year be filled with many such events, lightness of heart and inspiration.

Cindy said...

Rae--I'm extremely glad you explained what was going on. I was trying to reconcile the Marine and the username "Baby Boy" in the same person and coming up...concerned. :)

Connie--Thank you for the good wishes. I'm tucking them into a pocket to carry with me throughout the year. Blessings indeed!