Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why Having Children is Fun: Reason #456

A couple of nights ago, our younger daughter came to me holding the side of her face in her hand and said that the Christmas tree had "whacked" her on the head. I pulled her into my lap making sympathetic noises and cautioning her about being more careful in the future.

"Remember when Mommy bought that Christmas tree and brought it home? Well, I got it on sale. It had been a display model, and the store had to get rid of it, so they put it on clearance. There had been a problem, you see. Every time little children would walk by, this tree would try to bite their heads off. So you have to be veeeerrry careful to not play too close to it and tempt it."

I love kids.

(They taste wonderful!)


Jordan said...

Jean de la Varenne said :
"Childhood is a forgotten journey"

- for parents great mystic ,journey to their own childhood..

- all the best from your new reader from Poland


Meg said...