Sunday, December 04, 2005

If You Were a Character in Beowulf...

You scored as The Dragon. Ancient, chaotic, and a bit mysterious is the Dragon figure. Awakened from your happy slumber upon a pile of gold, you go about the country slaying its occupants. Beowulf manages to kill you, but not before you ensure his death. Congrats.

The Dragon












Grendel's Mother


If You Were in Beowulf...
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Maybe this explains my favorite online video game of all time.


Dawn said...

That was quite an interesting test. I scored a tie between the dragon and beowulf... both 83%. It has been a really long time since I learned about beowulf though, so now I wanted to look into it again.

I_Wonder said...


Concerning video games -- I haven't played since my children left home. I've been thinking about trying some because they stimulate the brain and may help keep me young in attitude if not body.

Meg said...

hehe that is a great game. I don't see you as the Dragon type though..but meh..what do I know? :)

Cindy said...

Dawn--I'm with you. I need to read it again, too.

Paul--If you're wanting to stimulate your brain, the Myst games would be great. They're low on action, but high on thinking and making connections. I think there are about six or seven of them, and they're great.

Meg--Oh, major brownie points for you! (Great Scott, on the other hand, said, "Dragon" practically before I'd even finished telling him I'd taken the test. But then, he likes living dangerously.) ;)

Brad said...

The Dragon 83%
Beowulf 58%
Grendel's Mother 58%
Hmmm. . . Interesting results, no? ::cackles::

Cindy said...

Brad--Very interesting, yes.

Great Scott came out as Beowulf. I'm not sure what this says about our marriage. It may be best not to ask.