Monday, December 19, 2005

The Great Golden Sun Cat

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His given name is "Schuster", but "Schuster" hardly a fitting name for a beast of his dignity and ferocity. Thus, "The Great Golden Sun Cat" or "The GGSC", for short.


Randy said...

Regal, ferocious and a cute snuggle bunny all at once.

seeker said...

Here kitty, kitty.

My little girl loves to slobber/drool all over cats.

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Don't let those looks fool you. He's a cold, casual killer when he has the energy to move.

Lauren (AKA Brad's shorter half) said...

Definately one of those "don't be fooled by the cover" kind of cat! He looks all nice and innocent..but I have seen him stalk critters in the yard too! LOL. Very good picture of Schuster, by the way.

Cindy said...

Randy--You pretty much nailed it. He's just a snuggle bunny with TEETH! ("That rabbit's a KILLER!")

Seeker--:::wincing::: The GGSC does not allow commoners to approach his regal self. He ascends to his tower (the nearest tree, usually) if approached by the canine peasantry.

Great Scott--He's a dratted buzzsaw, is what he is. This morning he bit my head again!

Lauren--Ah! The Great Golden Sun Cat acknowledges your admiration of the image of his majestic self. He purrs. He yawns. He shows his magnificent teeth the better for you to stand awed!

Connie said...

Fine picture, Cindy.

Aha, a bipolar cat, by the comments. Rapid cycler. Considered normal. Mood swings controlled without medication. Marches to the beat of his own drummer.

Cindy said...

Connie--So THAT'S his excuse! (I don't think Great Scott will buy it, but it sure made me laugh.)