Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Quote: On Writing and Accomplishments

"Writing is only writing. The accomplishments of courage and tenderness are not to be measured by paragraphs."

---Mary Oliver
"Sand dabs, Eight"
Long Life


I_Wonder said...

Mary Oliver is my favoriate poet but I have a problem reading her. I'll read bit and find myself unable to sit still. I want to get outside and experience the world and life. Her words inspire and motivate me.

Fieldfleur said...

Wow, I've never heard of her. In college, I just learned Alexander Pope, seems like.:) Thanks for the enlightenment!

alaiyo said...

Wonderful! This one goes above the computer!


Trée said...

Wonderful quote. Perhaps it's time I started reading Mary Oliver.

Cindy said...

Paul--One of my favorite things to do is to take one of her books with me when I go out walking in the woods. The perfect combination of movement and meditation. :)

Teri--You will love her. Especially with your outdoors and spiritual loves.

Beth--You neeeeeeed a boooook. You neeeeeed a booooook. ;)

Tree--What a pleasure to see you here! If you're really interested in Oliver, there are lots of her poems that are on the web, and that's an easy way to "meet" her work. I'd be interested in your thoughts.

alaiyo said...

Okay, LuCindy, evil sister, if one dared to add only one book to one's current list, which one should it be? The one from which this quote comes?


Cindy said...

Beth--If you're talking specifically about acquiring a Mary Oliver book, you might want to consider New and Selected Poems. There are two volumes. I'd recommend the first to get started. :) Or, if you want to go with one of her "regular" books, House of Light probably remains my favorite (although it's practically physically painful for me to think of choosing a "favorite" of her work!).