Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Buckbrush---A New Trend?

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Buckbrush. I love it: its humble height, the arc of its slender branches, its persistent brightness against the neutrals of late autumn and winter. It grows in fence rows and along the edges of wooded areas. This particular sprig was growing near the creek where the trees begin to give way to the openness of the fields.

I am no photographer by any stretch of the imagination But yesterday I took a long walk with the camera, a walk which yielded a great many pictures, and to my surprise and pleasure, Great Scott actually approved of a few. He told me to start blogging some of them. So for what it's worth, here's a glimpse of why I walk where I do: in the woods, in the fields, on pond banks, and alongside creeks. If you enjoy the pics, I'll likely keep posting them. Otherwise I will allow words to suffice.


Dawn said...

Cindy, it is a beautiful picture. I think you should post more for sure.

Cindy said...

Dawn--You are one fast woman!! (Oh my, that didn't sound too good, did it?! :O ) I mean, you commented before I was even done editing! Thank you. :)

Fieldfleur said...

I love the memories (and realities) of the hills. Keep those photos comin'! Perhaps I can take an e-walk with you this a-way.:)

Joyella said...

Cindy, I want to see a picture of you squishing your bare feet in the mud, or at least the creek where you do it. :D Oh, and the photo is very nice. That buckbrush reminds me of what we have here called bittersweet.

Randy said...

Can anything good come from the evil twin with a camera?

Well...of course! Great picture...keep snapping.

Meg said...

Oh that is beautiful! There is nothing more wonderful than a picture that captures something you find beautiful. Nicely done :)
And thank you for the comment :)

alaiyo said...

It really does look like bittersweet; brings back some wonderful memories of my own childhood. Indeed, post pictures -- as long as your lovely words accompany them!

Love you,


seeker said...

More photos please.

Cindy said...

More photos it is, then. Good. It's fun. Although I do apologise to anyone using one of those nifty blog things that tells you when something is posted here, since I'm not accustomed to posting pics and sometimes end up with several post tries before getting it right. :p

Teri--We'll walk in r/l someday, and if not, I'm sure there'll be buckbrush in heaven...or it wouldn't be heaven, right? ;)

Joyella and Beth--Buckbrush does look a little like bittersweet, but it's scarlet instead of orange, and the berries fall off the branches when you try to dry it. Part of its ephemeral charm.

Randy--More perks of evil twinness. :)

Meg--You are very welcome for the comment. I enjoy your blog and fully intend to put it in my links the next time I manage to update that.

Seeker--As you wish.