Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Quote: Kitty Koans

I have found myself participating in compulsive activities of late, doing meaningless things in a driven manner simply to block out the rising rattle of thoughts have begun circling in my head like manic buzzards--like manic buzzards on meth. This morning, I need to slow down the interior. I also need humor. Following are several koans (thoughts or questions intended for meditation) from Henry Beard's Zen for Cats.

What is the sound made by a single jaw chewing on a mouse?

If there were no inside, would you still want to go outside?

If you encounter the Buddha on a garden path, bite him.

What is so special about the weeds in the big pots in the living room?

Why does the vacuum cleaner fall silent when its tail comes out of the wall?


alaiyo said...

I LOVE these! Thanks for the smile on a Friday afternoon!

Sojourner said...

My calico kitty wants to add a few: When I nap on smooth paper, the paper in return smooths me.

When I stare out the window at the whiteness blanketing the yard, it stares back at me.

Once I jumped upon the old head of another, like the kitten now jumps upon mine.

Fun! Methinks cat meditations are the pathway to the sublime!


Cindy said...

Beth--At first I was surprised that you liked these. Then I remembered: you don't like cats; you like the idea of cats!

Teri--Excellent! I shall handwrite these into the book. Worthy material, indeed!