Saturday, January 20, 2007

The "It's All About Meegle" Meme

Jeremy (from whom I filtched this meme and who is a grand source for all things fun) gives the following directions should you choose to tackle this one yourself: "...take the following search strings, (with your name) and find the one you like best." He credits Laura with its invention. If you attempt the Meegle, be sure to leave a link on her site.

Lucinda was born four years earlier and remembered and told stories of another war.

Lucinda grew up around her father's writer friends--Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski and Flannery O'Connor...

Lucinda likes to give the dogs treats from on top of the bookcase. [Note: How Lucinda got on top of the bookcase is not explained.]

Lucinda hates being in the dark, both physically and mentally.

Cindy spends most of her time looking into the mirror admiring her beauty... [Note: "Lucinda" returned no results. Thus the nickname substitute.]

Lucinda eats a truffle and reels and staggers and blubbers, thereby making her board members think she is over the hill, nuts, goofy, senile, demented.

Lucinda wonders if magic might be involved.

Cindy's favorite food is probably roast beef... [Note: Again, no results for "Lucinda". What's more, there was only one result for "Cindy" and this was on a pet of the day site!]

Lucinda's hair is conveniently located in the Central area of Connecticut and is within driving distance of all New England States...

Lucinda likes to wear [Note: Sadly, neither "Lucinda" nor "Cindy" returned any results. One can only assume the worst.]

Cindy has traveled to Naples four times a week to train with her coach for this year's Olympics.

Lucinda works in secret...

Lucinda has decided to be difficult.

Lucinda cries, "I know, I know, I sound like the old gypsy woman in The Wolf Man."

Lucinda is happy to hear it.

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Laura said...

I love "has decided to be difficult." Lol!

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Oh, I'll have to bite. I may need until next week though.

Anonymous said...

Then they went to the casino heist, where [url=""][color=blue]Darin killed[/color][/url] a whole mess of people

Anonymous said...

Arrrghh I hate code. :( please clean tyhat up or just delete it. sorry for flubbing your site.

D yur bruddar

Cindy said...

Laura--Sadly, that's one that was entirely accurate.

GT--Nibbling is ok, too.

My dear, anonymous brother--Did you mean...

"Then they went to the casino heist, where Darin killed a whole mess of people"?

Stressed at work again, are we?

seeker said...

Does your mirror talk back to you? ;)

Cindy said...

Seeker--No, it's strangely silent. Probably busy trying to find my hair somewhere in central Connecticut.

Jeremy said...

I do assume the worst.