Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thirteen Things to do on A(nother) Snow Day

1. Let the children sleep in.
2. Let the husband sleep in.
3. Sleep in.
4. Throw the cat off one's head.
5. Make scones with real butter for breakfast.
6. Do laundry...and more laundry
7. Pull out season 3 of Hercules: The Legendary Journies, the one you bought and stashed away before Christmas in anticipation of potential snow days.
8. Listen to delighted cheers.
9. From the husband.
10. Join in the general mockery and delight of cheesy dialogue and fight scenes.
11. Let the husband field The Older Daughter's question as to why the females in Hercules wear clothes that facilitate pneumonia.
12. Wonder how much more Hercules we can take.
13. Listen to the news and discover school is out again tomorrow. Good thing I've got seasons 5 and 6 still hidden in the bureau drawer.


Jennifer said...

You have more snow?! Craziness.

Cheryl said...

Scones?!?!?! I'm coming over!

Snow days are very rare here. If you can't find your car then maybe...

I can remember driving after a very bad snowstorm. It took forever to dig my car out. I drove past a Hummer that was stuck in the ditch (I think I waved):) Gotta love those little Honda Civic hatchbacks.

Cindy said...

Jennifer--You think you're safe, don't you? It can find you in C., too, you know. :)

Cheryl--Oh, the Hummer story is priceless! Thank you for the grand giggle!

Colleen said...

Oh yeah. Scones. I'm all there. BUTTER. Smother. Slurp. You know, I know have a hankerin' for some baked goods thanks to #5.

Colleen said...

oops! I NOW have a hankerin'.