Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Looking for Relief?

In the sidebar to the right, you will find some buttons describing a brand new Christian literary journal, Relief, and linking to its website. I first heard of Relief last fall when Jennifer of Wonderfully Ill-Composed mentioned it at dinner. Relief's first issue came out in November last year and contained poetry by Scott Cairns and an essay by poet Luci Shaw, among other intriguing goodies. Poet Kristin Mulhern Noblin, for example, is someone to watch. Right now she's evidently teaching middle school English in Portland, OR, but the woman can write and write well.

Relief is new, yes, and I get the impression it's finding its voice, as I expect any new lit mag must do in the beginning. Still, I'm very impressed with the enthusiasm and approachability of its editors, with their passion for literature and their insistence on and pursuit of human authenticity over prettiness and pat answers. The text links will take you to the main page. The graphic button will deliver you to the store where the first issue can be purchased.

I might add that Relief will be publishing two of my own poems next month. Torn between whether to purchase the first issue for Cairns/Shaw/Noblin or the second one for Lawson? Go ahead and get them both. You know you want to.


GrumpyTeacher1 said...

You are fun.

alaiyo said...

What fun! I shall. of course, have to get the issue with you in it, but I can't pass up Scott Cairns or Luci Shaw, either . . . :)

Which poems are being published?

I like your new pic here, by the way.



Cindy said...

Grumpy Teacher--You are intriguing.

Beth--"After Babel" and "My Brother Calls" are the poems coming out next month. This mag is one you could probably justify on a professional basis. :)

As for the pic, Great Scott says it scares him. I believe "homicidal" is the word he used. Why that man is so jumpy, I've no idea.

alaiyo said...

Hmm . . .just getting ready to spend "professional development" money; I believe you're right.

Great Scott jumpy about you? Why, I can't imagine . . . !