Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thirteen Things...That Begin with "S"

Back in December Seeker gave me the letter "S" with the assignment to list ten things beginning with "S" that I love. Since I am such an underachiever in regard to promptness, I shall endeavor to tack on an extra three things, thus bagging brownie points while still fulfilling my Thursday list of thirteen things. Ah, multitasking!

1). Symbolism

2). Scott--The man I sleep with and cook for and read with and worship and torment and for whom I buy chocolate.

3). Silence

4). Stillness

5). Snow

6). Shimmering light on running water

7). Subtleties

8). Silliness

9). Slippery, moss covered stones

10). Streams

11). Sisters (my own, my aunts, my daughters...this relationship in general is one that interests and fascinates me and makes me grateful)

12). Sunlight

13). Seekers (people who persist in asking questions when there is no guarantee of being given an answer they can bear or even any answer at all, people who ponder and wonder and ask what if)


GrumpyTeacher1 said...

That's a good list.

seeker said...

I'm in awe of multitaskers...even procrastinating multitaskers. :) Great list.

Cindy said...

Great Scott--Thankyew!

Seeker--I'm not at ALL a multitasker, unless it's in a slacker sort of way. I get too confused. :p