Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogging Complications

My apologies for the lack of blog entries. Several complications have arisen that have prevented posting.

The good news:
None of us here at home are sick anymore. Huzzah to that!

1. My father had a heart attack.
2. Our phone line is entirely on the fritz. I've had to do all internet things from the library (where I am currently). This will continue until the lines are fixed, so future blog entries will be few and far between until then.
3. The end of the school year means an increase in busyness. Sewing costumes for a school play, getting The Older Daughter to rehearsals and attending the play kept me busy for a week (right on the tail end of Dad's hospital stay, too).
4. Attending The Older Daughter's reading of her winning essay at the local VFW last night after three days of frantic attempts to find said essay. Her teacher finally located a copy, may she live in sunlight forever.

More good news:
Dad is home and a little restless, I think, at being cooped up. He came over yesterday, and we made plans to totally rewire the phone lines in the house for/with me. :) This should be fun.


Michael said...

Glad to hear all are well and that your father is out of the hospital.

Hope you are still able to carve out some time to write. :)

cheryl of the wilds of c said...

Congratulations to The Older Daughter and very glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

Gretchen Birch said...

Yes, The Older Daughter was very frantic at school, trying to locate that winning essay of hers. I'm glad that your dad is feeling better, I hope he continues to keep improving.

Cindy said...

Michael--Thanks. The writing is sketchy...again. I'm a total NaPo(RoDra)WriMo failure!

Cheryl--I shall pass the congratulations on the The Older Daughter. She was pretty happy about it all.

Gretchen--That comment made me laugh even if I did feel bad for her! Thanks for your good wishes for Dad. He's a terribly good guy. And, BTW, I don't think I mentioned that the Queen in The Older Daughter's play was most impressive. Quite entirely regal (and pretty, too)!

Fieldfleur said...

Hey, glad to hear the news. Rewiring in May ... that should be your next poem.
Glad your dad is better!