Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thirteen Recent Moments of Serendipity or Sheer Amusement

1. Finding a given-up-for-good earring on the school parking lot this evening as we left the girls' spring concert. It was one of my favorite pair, one I lost Wednesday afternoon.

2. Seeing three deer in the field last night, while walking. One leapt out of some trees rather near me and ran, making startled deer noises, across the field and into the woods. The other two studied me at length before running halfway across the field and then stopping to study me some more. They did this so long that I expect they will present their theses at the end of this semester.

3. Finding purple salvia at the local grocery store's parking lot greenhouse.

4. The Older Daughter's deciding to forgo the school reward field trip in order to do something alone with me that day for a treat.

"Are you telling me you'd rather do something with your family than with your friends?" I asked, astounded.

She looked at me as if I was utterly brainless, "Well, yeah!" I am still reeling in befuddled wonder.

5. Sitting at my table with my father soldering phone wires and fastening them to receptacles and talking or not talking, as the mood struck us.

6. A working internet connection.

7. And phone lines that don't buzz in our ears.

8. Walking down to the creek in the rain while we were under a flash flood warning and watching the water tearing past at four times the width of the normal stream bed.

9. Looking out the window during last Friday evening's slumber party to see the younger daughter and her two best friends in the driveway having an all-out mud fight .

10. Hosing them down afterward. In well water.

11. Overhearing the younger daughter tell her father over dinner, "I like 'Red Green', even if it is a show for middle-aged men!"

12. Participating in the napkin fight that erupted as a result of the above comment.

13. Lying on my stomach across a made bed in the middle of the day, watching a steady rain soak the earth outside the window and listening to it on the leaves and grass. Luxury.


Cheryl of the Wilds of C said...

Sounds like bliss.

I am still in stitches from #11. I also like 'Red Green', even if it is for middle-aged men:)

Glad you are up and running. You've been missed.

Ben said...

Glad your dad is feeling better. I left a note with grumpy to let him know I was down here at U105 south of Mansfield. Mansfield is awesome with good coffee in the bookstore. Also had that scootin' bluegrass in there when I stopped in on Thursday night! Quick trip down here this time. We'll try to get together next time.

Yesterday, at SDC, a squirrel took popcorn right out of my hand! Even if he was pretty tame it was still fun. A first for me.

Blessings to you, the mudslinger and the rest of your tribe as you find more moments of luxury in your lives.

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Glad you're back in the blogging business.

Cindy said...

Cheryl--Red Green and Harold are on the Saturday night watch list for the whole family, I'm afraid.

Ben--Sorry we missed you. Always feel free to give us a holler. We live near Mansfield, so it wouldn't be much trouble at all to pop down to that bookstore and say hi next time you're in.

GT--Am I? Business you say? Is there any pay that goes with that? What have I been missing?