Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thirteen Things That Drive My Husband Batty

1. My cold feet against his bare legs in winter.
2. I wear crop pants.
3. I have a neti pot...
4. ...and use it.
5. I prefer to mow the grass in fun designs (think Indian or Celtic knotwork) rather than doing a complete section at a time.
6. If a book is very boring or very interesting, I have no problem with turning to the back (or the middle) and reading there for awhile.
7. I am chronologically challenged (read, oblivious). Dinner gets started when the sun begins setting, a problematic issue in spring and summer.
8. I dislike wearing shoes.
9. I forget to turn off the stove burners and oven...
10. ...and to shut the windows when the heat is on...
11. ...and a couple of times, to pick up the children after school (Children? What children? Whose children?!).
12. James Fenimore Cooper amuses me.
13. I think trees talk.


seeker said...

What do the trees say?

Cindy said...

They sing, they whisper, they talk quietly and sometimes they roar. Exactly what they're saying, I've not been able to figure out yet. Their grammar is complicated.

alaiyo said...

Great Scott is merely jealous because they only talk to you . . . ! (I laughed so hard at your list; it's amazing how like and unlike we are at the same time!)

Karla MG said...

I don't think I've posted a comment before, but I love reading what you write :D Just tell your DH it could be "worse," you could be a Parselmouth ;) Also, I hope you're feeling better soon! I know some college papers on Nyquil were, ummm, interesting... LOL!

Gretchen Birch said...

One time, I left a pot of noodles on the stove for 1 hour, and they burnt to a crisp!! I tried to mow the lawn one time, and I did that too!!! I can't mow patterns anymore !!! WWWWAAAAAAAA!!

Chica. said...


If I had a lawn mower I would make designs,too! What a cool idea.

I wish trees talked to me. *pout*