Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Tonight I played with two different personality doohickeys for fun. The results are faintly discombobulating...

You are Galadriel!

Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

And then there's this:


You Are Rabies!

Also known as Hydrophobia, you tend to be exciting
and spontaneous. Energetic and daring, your
friends value your ability to eat things after
the five second rule has expired. While you are
greatly appreciated for your ability to take
chances, you have been known to "bite the
hand that feeds you." You have a great
sense of humor when you can manage to wipe the
foam off of your mouth.

What Disease Are You?
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Anonymous said...

Great Scott! says:

I'm Yoda! Cool, he kicks butt.


I'm heart disease. Can there be a less cool disease? Halitosis? Foot fungus?


Anonymous said...

Rabid Galadrial? Hmmm.... Well, it does explain that game of Risk. :: grins ::

B Rad, the Vulgar Mastermind

Randy said...

That's hilarious. The confusing part is that I took the what character are you test and scored...


She was my favorite character but...I'm a boy darn it!

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the character thingy is a lil off.. I came back as Aragorn...and I have the same dilema as Randy on the opposite side of the fence. Am I really that butch? LOL


alaiyo said...

LuCindy, I can see you as Galadriel, definitely. But me as Princess Leia? I don't think so! Arwen, maybe. Keep me in the background making banners and urging other folk to take the outward risks, yet willing to sacrifice in her own way, yeah, that could be me. But Princess Leia? No way!

I'm not asking where you keep coming up with this stuff. I find enough ways to waste my time already! :)


Cindy said...

Great Scott!--Yoda is the coolest. I especially like, uh...his cute little pointy ears!

And, yes there are less cool diseases, but I hesitate to mention them in polite company.

Brad--Hey, now!! My little elves had to go somewhere!!

Randy--It's the evil twin thing, again, no doubt. :)

Lauren--Definitely not that butch! (Don't be ridiculous. Your facial hair is much better kept than Aragorn's!)

Beth--Oh c'mon! I can just see you with your hair done up in two doughnuts on the sides of your head, standing in front of your classes and teaching!

Have you got that article done yet?