Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Summer Cold. Just Shoot Me Now.

Achy ears.
Sore throat.

Self-pity. The best symptom of the bunch.


Sue Bohlin said...

::::uploading chicken zoup:::::

::::sending up prayers for your quick return to health::::::

::::shooting hugs through cyberspace to you:::::

I am so sorry!

seeker said...

I just had my summer cold and hated every moment of it. Hope you beat it quickly and don't forget to consume lots of fluids.

Megan said...

*Unburies herself from pile of kleenex and cough drop wrappers long enough to say:
You too? Hope you're over your summer nasties soon.*

alaiyo said...

What Sue said!

Hope you are better very soon!


Cindy said...

Sue--Thank you. I do hope that soup doesn't download too messily, though. I'd hate for the noodles to get tangled in the power supply fan.

Seeker--LOTS of fluids! Gotcha. Am complying with your excellent medical advice.

Megan--I am so sorry! Here. :::hands over giant bottle of vitamin C::: I'll share. :)

Beth--Thank you very much.