Saturday, August 13, 2005

Fifteen Years Ago

On August 14th, 1990, Scott and I stood under the spreading limbs of an old tree in Phelps Grove Park in Springfield, Missouri and were wed. Fifteen years is a long time, I suppose. Sometimes it seems like forever. But sometimes I look at him and wonder who this man is standing in my kitchen helping himself to my Nuke Loops. Then I remember, "Oh yeah. He's the guy who pays for the Nuke Loops!"

Last year our anniversary celebration was preempted by my having the flu. This year we have no idea what to do. He's finishing up work from last school year and begins his new year on Monday. Today is the first day since last Monday that I've not run a fever, so I don't feel much like getting out yet. Most likely we'll take a nap tomorrow. Maybe there's something sad about spending one's fifteenth wedding anniversary at home napping, but part of me finds the idea pretty cozy.

I know we'll make a point of going out to eat in a week or two, and we'll probably end up in a bookstore somewhere, each making appreciative noises over what treasures the other finds. This is how we began--making faces at each other over the table in a restaurant and prowling Springfield's used book stores (once he convinced me to go out with him at all, that is). It was a good start.

After fifteen years, it's still good.


Randy said...


alaiyo said...

We've spent many an anniversary in some similar laid-back mode, and it's nice when that's okay.

15 years ago that was? I remember it like . . . well, not quite yesterday, but not 15 years. :) Our 30th was this year, so when you've gone twice as long as now you'll look back on that "forever" with a whole different perspective!

Congratulations. Y'all are awesome and I love you for all kinds of reasons which you know quite well.


Feeble Knees said...


Cozying up and book shopping both sound like perfectly good ways to celebrate. Enjoy!

Fieldfleur said...

Awesome, Cindy. Love the glimpses of the new time together which made the old (:) possible.


Connie said...

We hardly ever celebrate our anniversary on the 16'th of October. Doing it later gives us two days to celebrate...the one in which we say "This is it...30 - 31 - 32 and so on...." and the one in which we gaze across a candlelit table and say, "What an amazing thing that two infants of twenty years old could have made a choice that lasted!!" "What an incredible thing we've made it through....mostly poorer, often in sickness."

Now I ask the readers of Quotidian Light...Do you think hanging out in used book stores is the source for longevity in marriage???

alaiyo said...

Connie -- some of our marriages survive *despite* the propensity of one spouse to spend great amounts of time and money in used bookstores . . . :)

Cindy said...


Beth--One of the things about the "fifteen years ago" aspect that's hard for me to get my head around is looking at the pics of our wedding, seeing your kids and thinking they're fifteen years older now. (My girls are now the ages they were at our wedding!)

Feebs--Ah! A couple after our own hearts! :)

Teri--Thank you. I always enjoy the glimpses into your own life, on your blog.

Connie--It would be interesting to do a study on used bookstore frequenting and longevity of marriages, wouldn't it? :D I agree on lengthening the celebration time. A longer, quieter appreciation seems to sink in deeper than a rowdier, shorter one.

(Beth--Speaking as the guilty spouse, are you? ;) )