Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New Blog--Inscapes

Inscapes is a new blog that I would find worth a daily reading for the literary quotes alone (Gerard Manley Hopkins is the best!), but given the fact that the author(ess) has been sharing particularly good insights about the church and depression, as well as other matters, well...I just don't miss it. We don't agree on everything, granted, but any friend of Hopkins is a friend of mine--even if she hadn't already been a real life heart-friend for the past seventeen years.

Check it out.


alaiyo said...

You are indeed kind, LuCindy! I am enjoying the discipline of writing fairly regularly for a change; what a difference it can make in a day.

And if I ever figure out how to edit the links at Inscapes, Quotidian Light is the first to go up. I have directed several this way because your writing is always a source of inspiration to me.

(Group hug! Group hug! But you know I mean it.)

Love you, dear friend.

Josh said...

and your link is up now... :) it's interesting to see you all joining the information revolution -- would've never guessed either of you would start weblogs!