Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Complete Winx Club Lyrics

Odd things happen. One of the latest bemusements in my life is that a very high percentage of Quotidian Light's visitors from search engines come here evidently looking for the theme song lyrics to The Winx Club cartoon series.

If I were so inclined to ponder this, I would no doubt find it disturbing.

However, in good cheer and because I do so hate to disappoint anyone, I have here, for all you searching readers' musical animation satiation, the official Winx Club lyrics!

Close your eyes and open your heart
Believe in yourself, that's how it starts.
Dreams will come true, just wait and see,
'Cause the magic's in you, and the magic's in me!

We are the Winx! We are the Winx!
Come join the club!We are the Winx!
We are the Winx! We are the Winx!
Come join the club. We are the Winx.

Magical flowers, digital powers,
Rhythms and tunes, the sun and the moon.
Keep on searching far and wide
for that fire burning deep inside!
We've got the style and we've got the flair.
Look all you want, just don't touch the hair!

Repeat chorus


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, Cindy, you worry me.


Cindy said...

Ben--Thanks. I needed that extended chortle.

Anonymous said...

instead of keep on seaching far and wide,for the fire burning deep inside. its now magic shapes and shifting tides and the fire burning deep inside

Princess Renesmee said...

Thanks, but do you have any more? I am looking for some for my ultimate Winx Club fansite (URL listed below), Solarian Sunshine. Can you please come up with more? Thank-you! -Stella Solaria