Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Break

Our daughters are home on spring break this week, it's tax season, I think I'm doing Easter dinner for my family this weekend, and the car once again is refusing to start. For these and other reasons, I'm taking a blogging break until (most likely) next week. I shall return, though, with fascinating news and reviews, including a response to author Steven W. Wise's new book, The Jordan Tracks, which I am currently pondering in stolen moments between plucking magnetic Barbie clothes out of the carpet and trying to convince two room-cleaning-resistant children that we can really have our very own ABC Extreme Edition Home Makeover right here in our house--all they have to do is pick up their room, and they won't even recognize it!!!

I doubt it will work. Probably would have to call in Ty to convince them.

Check out the latest interview questions below and enjoy!



Randy said...

Well according to my 131 comments here people seem to think I am connected to Extreme home makeover.

BTW, good to hear from you Cindy.

Cindy said...

Randy--I'm so glad you put that link here. :)

Anonymous said...

Is this where I register for a home makeover?

Great Scott!!!

Randy said...

hummmph... Silly Scott.