Thursday, March 03, 2005


I have recently discovered that if one sits in a bathtub half full of water, stretches out one's legs until one's feet are flat against the front of the tub and then arches one's feet, keeping the toes against the tub's side, the water level even with the base of one's toes--if one keeps one's legs and feet in this position and stares at them for some length of time--one begins to morph into a two-legged giraffe-type alien creature.

Furthermore, if one allows the pondering of this transformation to continue after one has exited the bathtub, perhaps even going so far as to stand on the rug on tiptoe, one will lose one's balance and fall into the sink.


Anonymous said...

Great Scott!:

Did you have sugar for breakfast?

Randy said...


Joyella said...

Ooops! :0
When bathing in a slightly too small tub, I begin to wonder what I would look like as a topographical map. Have almost brought the grease pencil in the tub with me to find out, but then had second thoughts.

Cindy said...

Great Scott--What do you think?


Joyella--Ah, the perils of being a visual artist! This made me giggle. Thankyew.