Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Young Dragon's Guide to Proper Behavior

1. Always (all ways) be polite to other dragons.

2. Mind your hoard. If you keep it tidy, you'll know at once if any of it goes missing.

3. Don't be a messy eater. Clean up the armor bits when you're finished.

4. Turn your head away from other dragons when you sneeze. No one likes to be singed.

5. Be respectful of your parent dragons. They are bigger and meaner than you.

Ingenuity is the name of the game in raising precocious children, we are discovering. The younger one is very into dragons. Dragons and pirates. I'm seeing a treasure factor pattern here. Might explain the state of her lair.


Michael said...

This absolutely cracks me up. (Yes, I am easily amused)

My favorites are nos. 4 & 5

Cindy said...

Perhaps having raised your own brood you have a keener appreciation than most. Parenting, it seems to me, results in either a healthy sense of the absurd or a horrible loss of all sane perspective. (Or is it a horrible sense of the absurd and a healthy loss of all sane perspective?)

Maureen said...


Favorite is no. 2.

SusanH said...

Very fun!

Cindy said...

Maureen and Susan!--What a treat to "see" you both at QL! (Yay!)