Thursday, November 30, 2006

First Ice of the Season

Above is our lilac bush at 8:30 this morning.
Yesterday's high was 72 degrees F. Today's high we hit first thing in the morning at 33 degrees. Great Scott and I sat up to watch the news last night. The advancing front was impressive, especially the sharp line of temperature difference. In front of it were temperatures in the 60's well into the evening. Behind it numbers in the 30's were the rule. Schools across southwest Missouri are closed in anticipation of the 6+ hours of ice that have begun already with an anticipated 4-6 inches of snow to follow in our area.
I filled the tub with water this morning in preparation for the power outage that is probably immanent due to the lines being downed by ice and broken branches. Great Scott is washing dishes (What a Man!) and is playing Christmas music; the girls have just climbed out of bed at 9:30. Today we will probably put up the Christmas tree. The cats want out. Then they want in. They want out. In. Out. In. Out. They are angry. They have gone to the study upstairs to curl in Great Scott's desk chair and sleep in disgust.
Rain continues to fall, freezing on branches and grass. Forgive me; I rather love it.


alaiyo said...

Lovely, lovely. I know that pragmatically speaking ice storms are Very Bad. But I love their crystal beauty and I envy you watching and enjoying.


Michael said...

Ah, I wondered how you folks might be impacted. The ice came through here early afternoon through late last night. Side roads were a mess but highway into KC was fine this morning.

We are all awaiting which side of the snow line we are on.

Hope you don't lose utalities.



Cindy said...

Beth--Any chance this will hit you, too, or will it go north?

Michael--I thought about you all in the KC area this morning. Glad to hear the highways were clear. May you have as much snow as you want...or as little.

alaiyo said...

So far it remains warm and wet here. Quite a wind and rain for an hour in the middle of the night, but the heat didn't even come on this morning. We shall see.

Fieldfleur said...

Our cats are wanting the same thing! Check out my new picture and see if it looks familiar. ;) Mom says they lost a big elm to the ice!


Cindy said...

Beth--And this morning?

Teri--Oh, that picture looks very familiar, yes, except that ours sit on the arm of the glider and pop the dining room screens with their claws to get in. We didn't lose any trees and very few limbs here, thank goodness, and the power has stayed on.