Friday, September 15, 2006

The Note

To: The Mighty, Mighty Powers of Jr. High Administration

[Older Daughter's Name] was absent yesterday (Thursday, September 15th) due to sickness. She spent the day pining. It was pitiful to behold, yea, verily.

'An it please your Worships, please allow her to collect make-up work today that she might labor upon it over the weekend and present it complete upon the first day of the new week next.

You have our gratitude,
Cindy Lawson

"Mom," said our older daughter, eyeing the note I'd written, "this note is a little bit..." She paused, then gave me a look that was part disapproval, part hesitation and partly a plea. The note dangled from her fingers like a small dead frog.

"Would you like for me to write it over?" I asked.

She wavered, then as I picked up my notepad and pen again, said sincerely, "Thanks, Mom."

This is it. She's growing up. Becoming a little more her own person, and that means my giving her more room to do that, by making my communications with others in her everyday world a little more bland, a little more ordinary, a little more blend-in-ish. I wrote the note over. It was a small thing. Perhaps it was even for the best. I'm afraid my own reputation at the school is that of being somewhat eccentric, and my original note probably wouldn't have helped dispell the impression.

[Older Daughter's Name] was sick at home yesterday, as I explained when I called. Please allow her to collect and complete her missed assignments.

Thank you very much,
Cindy Lawson


alaiyo said...

Ah, my friend, you indeed have wisdom. Blessings on you as you negotiate the next few years of letting go while not letting alone.

Love you!


GrumpyTeacher1 said...


Brad said...

Save the note. She will probably enjoy it more in another decade or so.