Friday, June 09, 2006

Procrastination Aids: Death Predictions

Yes, this is hokey, and yes, it's morbid, and yes, I stole it (from Teri). But it's also entertaining, as I'll explain in a minute. Here's mine:

"Lucinda: At age 93, a tiger will maul you. Don't ask why, but you will be in a Burmese jungle."

Now, it's highly intriguing, wouldn't you say, the thought of being mauled by a ninety-three year-old tiger?


Jeremy said...

Its like reading a horoscope at The Onion.

Fieldfleur said...

Gotta love those d.m.s now don't you? :) I think you may have a chance to hack your way out of the jungle now!


Cindy said...

Jeremy--HA! An astute observation!

Teri--"Hack", I think, is a key word. As in, whoever wrote these. Although I suppose it could also apply to the tiger. I wonder if ninety-three year-old tigers get furballs...

Brad said...

I can see the headlines now, "Local Woman Gummed to Death by Elder Tiger!", definately count as a lingering demise. Take most of a week, probably. Horrid, really.