Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Limited Internet Access Coming Up

My sister was told today that her baby (The Nephew), who is due July 6th, is unlikely to wait until then to make his debut. The doctor’s request to her was to do as little as possible to see if she might make it into next week, as a matter of fact.

Since I am the official Niece-Sitter for the event, I need to be off the phone and available. Which, since we’re on dial-up connection, means staying off the internet as well. So email-checking and blogging may be at a premium for the next week or so, although for the very best of reasons.

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alaiyo said...

Prayers going up for Nephew and his mom -- I know about preemie babies, and while this isn't *terribly* early, he'll be better off waiting a bit longer. (Baby Emma, meanwhile, has decided she needn't appear for however much longer -- due date *last* Friday!)

And prayers for the young man Dale, too. May he arrive and his mother be open to receive him and his words.

Enjoy Niece-sitting, by the way! :)