Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Vices of Lucinda's

2. The written word.
3. Willow Tree angels
4. Celtic things.
5. Naps. In the sun. Indoors or out.
6. Serenity/Firefly
7. Computer games. The quick kind. Namely Fowlwords and Levers of late.
8. Jewelry with words on it.
9. Enjoying it entirely too much when the girls say, “O Great Queen Dragon Mother!”
10. Terrorizing Great Scott.
11. Fresh strawberries. (I dance in anticipation.)
12. Fantasy and sci-fi literature. But especially fantasy.
13. Staying up entirely too late at night when the house is finally totally peaceful and quiet.. (Although it does necessitate #5. Handy, that.)

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I_Wonder said...

Excellent vices. Excellent!

Meg said...

lol I love that "O Queen Dragon Mother" :)

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

I love your vices.

Dawn said...

Ah vices... I love yours, especially numbers 1 & 3. My 13 are up as well.

Lauren said...

I fear I share a few of your vices LOL! And I also believe I contribute to a few of them! Wonderful vices you have, keep at them.

Cindy said...

Paul--Why, thankyew!

Meg--I work hard to deserve that one. :)

Great Scott!--You are my best vice of all. Probably because you encourage so many of the others (number 13 excluded).

Dawn--Another Willow Tree collector, then? Tell me, what is it about these little dust catchers that fascinates us so?

Lauren--Oh, yes, you are a sharer of and a definite contributor to more than a few of my vices! No doubt about it!