Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stolen Meme: Five Simple Things

I've posted often in the past about the little, everyday things that I cling to in times of slipping sanity. I don't post about these things because they're constantly before me; I post them because I need the constant reminder, to draw my own attention to them as much as to draw the readers'. This morning when I read Jordana's list, I realized how much I've been overlooking and underappreciating the little things again. Time to remedy the situation. Thanks for the reminder, Jordana.

Five Little Things that Bring You Satisfaction or Pleasure

1. Stroking the Great Golden Sun Cat

2. Sitting on a pond or creek bank in the sun.

3. The sky. In any weather.

4. A warm husband upon whom to place my cold feet at night.

5. Green, growing things.

I know it's easy to say, "If you've read this, consider yourself tagged," but I really mean it. I want to know everyone's simple pleasures. Leave a comment or just post. I'll be watching for them.


Megan said...

1) Wildflowers
2) Cumulus clouds
3) Relatives (even when they're annoying)
4) College friends who call
5) Streams (or brooks or rivers or fountains)

seeker said...

1. Waking up moments before my alarm clock goes off
2. Sweet tea on a hot day
3. Lying in a hammock watching the clouds scroll across the sky
4. Electric blankets
5. Dog kisses

Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Mine are posted on my site. Thanks for passing this meme on.

Ben said...

here's mines
1. Sinking a 30' putt for birdie.
2. Getting an unsolicited hug or pat on the belly from my daughter or son.
3. Walking on the trails with the red rock outcroppings in the Rocky Mountain foothills near my home.
4. Sipping a cup of steaming dark smokey coffee.
5. Watching geese land on a pond.
6. My wife putting her hand on my chest.
7. The dog running up and shaking his booty when I walk in the door.
8. Seeing for miles and miles with the big sky in Colorado.
9. My wife's fried chicken and lumpy mashed potatoes.
10. Hearing the wind whisper through the pine trees.

alaiyo said...

Check it out at inscapes --


Meg said...

1.) Snockers my teddy bear
2.) The peaking dawn
3.) The way the stars shine at my house in Mo
4.) Naps
5.) My amazing boyfriend

I love your #4 :)

Fieldfleur said...

posted now at my house ... love yours, wondering if you'd be a-castin' off the pond bank while you're sitting there??


Cindy said...

Megan--Number 3! Love it.

Seeker--I'm looking at #5 and thinking you're a sick, sick person. But then, being bitten by my cat does the same thing for me, so who'm I to judge? :)

Jennifer--Thank you. :)

Ben--Thanks to you, too. I'll comment on yours and Jennifer's on your respective blogs.

Beth--Thankyew, too.

Meg--Oh, number 3 for sure!

Teri--In the old days, yes. Now I just sit and watch turtles/frogs/herons/ducks/birds/cows/possums/leaping fish/racoons/whatever with no excuse except that I like doing it. Age has its advantages. :)

Dave said...

It took me a while, but I took up the tag.

Lauren said...

1) Brad's smile in the morning
2) Sleeping in on Sunday mornings..with Brad
3)Watching the sun rise in the mornings
4)A hot bath by candlelight while reading Lovecraft ::evil grin::
5) Utter silence
6)Classical music