Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life on the Coporeal Plane

Great Scott commented recently that I'd not been blogging very much of late. He's right, of course. Part of the reason is that there's a lot going on in my head right now, and I don't like to talk or write about things publicly until I've sorted them out in the interior. I need a lot of space that way, and I've ceased feeling guilty for taking it. The blog has been neglected of late, though, so here are a few of the things that have been happening on the coporeal plane of existence here at PossumBox Lane:

1. We spent eight dollars on corn syrup yesterday for the older daughter's science project. For those of you who have never seen an eight inch deep layer of shocking red corn syrup in a giant pickle jar, topped with an inch of styrofoam peanuts, a layer of moss, some upright eucalyptus sprigs and a couple of tiny dinosaurs, well...I pity your educational deficiency and offer my deepest condolences. Her presentation on the asthenosphere (the layer of earth directly beneath the lithosphere, in case you're wondering) is today around 2ish. She is frighteningly well-prepared. Her little sister, the owner of the dinosaurs, was anxious that the upright dinosaur's toes might be dangling through the moss into melting rock. "He could start a volcano!" was the voiced concern.

2. Because Great Scott's school was canceled for snow yesterday, he went with me to purchase the aforementioned corn syrup and other sundries at a Stuff-Mart a couple of towns away. On our way out the doors, the security alarms went off, and I was instructed by a recorded voice to, "Please pull [my] cart to the side and wait for an attendent." The offending article turned out to be the generic suphedrine (a.k.a "Pseudo-Fed" in PossumBox lingo), a quantity controlled substance here in Missouri due to our state's high rates of methamphetamine production. Evidently the package hadn't been sufficiently demagnatized at the counter when my driver's license number and signature were recorded. Maybe if they'd taken a blood sample...

I suggested to Great Scott that it might be fun next time I set off an alarm, for him to immediately make a dash for the door and see if the security people follow him. He didn't think much of this suggestion. Sometimes he displays a significantly disappointing lack of adventurousness.

3. We've been watching the Olympics. Watching the Olympics at our house is a whole sport in itself, since the younger daughter is apparently unable to view a sport without bodily acting it out. Figure skating and ice dancing become entirely new experiences with an eight-year old twizzling and triple axel-ing between you and the screen. The best solution we've found is for her to sit on my lap. Now I just have to dodge her head as she leans into the curves during the bobsledding. I should just be thankful there's no sumo wrestling or fencing this time around.

4. I have been playing with my dip pen again and remembering how much I love the physical act of writing this way. I'm currently stalking a fountain pen, so I can take it with me to do journal writing in the car while I wait for the girls to get out of school. Ah, ink!

5. Admiring the Christmas tree.

6. Considering taking the Christmas tree down.

7. Admiring the Christmas tree some more. See the pretty lights!

8. Taking my grandmother on errands, sweeping snow off her walk and helping get her house ready for the delivery of a new bed and a hardwood floor installation in one room. Spending time with her is always worth multiple missed blog entries. She is an exceptional person.

9. A friend of ours gave us a book on having tea that included a scone recipie which has proven easy enough for after-school scones and tea to become a very real option. The older daughter even traded one of her extra-special Valentine's chocolates to me for a promise to make scones for her breakfast the next morning. I think eating scones while she sits barefoot on the floor in front of her Saturday morning cartoons makes her feel civilized. :)

10. I caught a mouse. A live mouse. Then I threw it outside along with the cat (Tongue Depressor Kitty) that had brought it in and turned it loose in my dining room. She'd "prrrt"ed to call me to come and see it. I can only suppose she wanted to teach me how to put some decent food on the table.


r said...

Oh, Cindy. I so relate. My last year of blogging was pathetic according to many standards but my own. Being an introverted intuitor, I have to wring out the laundry inside before I hang it out to dry.

I love how you invoke movement through your diction and syntax.

Sigh...I miss Missouri.

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Wow! What a post!

I'm glad you like me. Thanks for writing witty and insightful stuff

Ben said...

When we bought our current house the Christmas tree was still up in the middle of May. But he was a meth addict. Not that I'm implying anything.

Jennifer said...

I'm glad things are still interesting at PossumBox. I'm with GT: Thanks for the wit; humor is always appreciated (Not the right word, but I can't think of the right one, so the wrong one will have to do for now.). I hope you get all that internal stuff sorted out. By the way, I love the phrase, "stalking a fountain pen." Happy hunting!

alaiyo said...

I want to live at Possum Box Lane!

Love reading your commentary, and know that living is more important than writing about living. Your grandmother is blessed in such a granddaughter, too.

Can't wait to find out what you catch while stalking the fountain pen!

love you,


Megan said...

My youngest sister is 9 1/2 and also exhibits a shocking desire to act out every Olympic sports she watches. Providentially, our kitchen table is out for repairs and the linoleum floor offers a great ice dancing/skating/sliding arena. She even convinced me to serve as her ice dancing partner. Hope her toe feels better soon...

Meg said...

Good to hear from you :) and aren't grandmothers the best? I wish everyone had the chance to take a life lessons from a grandparent. They have so much to offer.

GrumpyTeacher1 said...


Do you mean you don't have your Presidential tree up this year?

For shame.

seeker said...

1. Corn syrup is expensive in your neck of the woods.

2. I no longer stop when the alarm goes off, I pretend I can't hear them calling for me to stop. To date, no one has ever followed me out to the parking lot.

5. 6. 7. When does the tree normally come down?

Cindy said...

Rae--I hear you about the laundry. Often enough I just dry it and fold it and put it away without taking it out at all.

Great Scott!--What's not to like? :)

Ben--Oh no, not implying anything at all! ::rolling of eyes::

Jennifer--Things are always interesting at PossumBox Lane. If they aren't, we just spice them up a bit. :) You should stalk a fountain pen of your own. I bet you'd like it.

Beth--Thank you immensely for this: "know that living is more important than writing about living." It shames me to say I need the near-constant reminder.

Megan--Yikes! What a perfect skating arena that would make.

Meg--I thought of you and your grandparents this week while I was with my grandmother. They are utterly irreplaceable.

1. Maybe it's not so much the price as the amount being purchased.
2. I sat in stunned silence for a full minute and a half before breaking up. Excellent information to possess. Thank you.
5,6&7. You take yours down?!?

Dave said...

Re No. 9: Now you just need some real British tea. (He says over a cup of PG Tips.) But enjoy the scones (and remember to rhyme it with cons and dons rather than bones and stones, should your experience cause you to wax poetic).

seeker said...

2. :)

5.6.&7. Since I wasn't home for the holiday I didn't put one up.

Cindy said...

Dave--Thanks for the pronunciation tip. You'll no doubt be horrified to know that I don't do black or green teas, just herbals. A friend of ours from England came to visit for a week once, though, bringing us us honest-to-goodness British tea, and Great Scott loved it.

Seeker--5,6,&7. It's ok. Ours has been up long enough for you, too.

Dave said...

If Great Scott ever wants any more tea, have him send me an email.

Cindy said...

Dave--I'm thinking a trade might be arranged. (You should've seen Great Scott's eyes light up when I read your last comment to him.) What might you like to show up at your house in return? JIFF Crunchy peanut butter, for example? We're open to options. :D

Dawn said...

#2 I am with you, playing with the alarm would be a bit fun
#3 That is totally hysterical.. my 4 year old nephew does the same thing
#5 & 7 :::Rolling on the floor laughing:::
#6 Naw! It is becoming part of the family

Love the list... I think that was quite witty for having your brain full of stuff. :smile:

Ben said...

Grumpy, Well, not the presidential tree but it is March soon so we'll have the St. Pattie's tree up for sure. 70 degrees in Denver today. Yea!