Wednesday, January 12, 2005

An Apology. . .of Sorts

Things are not going quite so well at the moment.

For those of you who pray, you're quite welcome to do so, as long as it isn't one of those dreadful Oh-Lord-have-mercy-on-the-poor-thing-and-ease-her-suffering prayers. Oh-Lord-whack-her-upside-the-head prayers will be tolerated if spoken with at least token good-will. God-please-give-her-the-key-to-understand-what-she-needs-to-so-we-don't-have-to-suffer-through-more-posts-like-this prayers would be the best of all and greatly appreciated.

For those of you who don't pray, you can start now. Yes, I'm volunteering to be your personal spiritual guinea pig. I'll even wiggle my nose, although if you expect whiskers, you're out of luck.


Joyella said...

[Big hug] I'll pray any kind o' prayer you want darlin'.
I'm sorry you are having a tough time...
Want to take up kick-boxing with me?
It's either that or pottery throwing (I mean on the wheel, but if you like breaking things, we could try that too. :) )

Anonymous said...

you are and have been prayed for cindy! just wanted you to know! :o)
blessings and peace to you,

Anonymous said...

How about one of those Quaker - holding you in His Light prayers? I am, I understand things not going quite so well at the moment. Anj

Feeble Knees said...

oh no! praying. Meant to come by and thank you for all the encouraging things you've been posting over at Knees. Very sad to read this. keep us posted...

Anonymous said...

Love you, LuCindy.


David said...

Girl, hang in there. Whatever I do that looks like praying, I'm doing for you.

Randy said...

...and-Lawd-I-pray-thy-angels-would-surround-Sister-Cindy ...

::: sound of record scratch for a prayer reset ::: know my favoritist Cindy in all of Cindydom and what she needs. I pray that you would make her laugh in spite of it all and have a flooding peace surprise her. Most of all I pray for contentment no matter what.

... and that a million dollars would show up

... and that she would realize laying down to feel her sneezes raining down is endearing but weird

... and that her car doesn't keep trying to consume her children with that fake freezing door business.

... and for a good steak dinner...oh sorry that one's for me.



Cindy said...

Thank you all very much. Yesterday was a bit more even, and I'm beginning to have glimmers of insight, however unwelcome they may be at the moment. (Will post a bit on this later today, I hope.)

Joyella--Pottery throwing sounds good. Both kinds. You're on.

Kelley--For remaining a shield-sister past the call of duty, thank you. It means a lot.

Anj--Quaker prayers are wonderful. I'm grateful. May every word you prayed in my behalf be applied triple to your own "account".

Phoebs--Sometimes blog surfing and commenting is an escape mechanism. Anytime you're willing to help me avoid r/l, just let me know!

Beth--Thanks for the reminder/reassurance. Likewise. Very likewise.

David--My gratitude. There are thousands of ways to pray. Very few of them, I suspect, use words.

Randy--I could not ask for a "more eviler" twin. Thank you. The car didn't try to eat us today. I sneezed three times yesterday and without even being tempted to stop, drop and catch the rain. The million dollars is no doubt in the mail as I type (pull this one off, and I'll split it with you). And if I've not reached the point of contentment yet, neither am I thrashing around quite so desperately. Twitching, maybe, but not thrashing. :)