Saturday, January 22, 2005

Adventures in "the real world"

If you want trials and tribulation, pray for patience. That's what I've heard, at least. Here's another one to add: if you want to fall on the ice or to have further and increasingly severe computer complications or a car that breaks badly enough to need towing or walks through mud or a sandwich whose meat inclusion was neglected at the local sub shop--if these are your heart's desires, then make a silly statement like, "I'm going to live in the 'real world' this week."

It wasn't that bad, actually. The bruises from the fall on the ice are fading; the computer is mostly functional, even if I still haven't cured it for good; the car got us home thirty seconds before the last of the antifreeze poured out onto the ground, and now that I'm having it fixed, the heater will probably work again; the mud smelled like spring; and I didn't need meat anyway. Some good things have come from the week's experiment-- things I need to ponder before I write them out, but good. (Not the least of which was getting caught up on laundry and learning how to caulk the bathtub and shower.)

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