Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Your After-lives

Supposedly, after you've scribbled down five alternate lives, you're supposed to go out and do something related to one of them. (For example, go to some stables and do a trail ride if one of your lives was a cowboy.) The idea isn't to chuck your own life out the window, but to play. So this morning I wrote thirty minutes worth of fantasy fiction before I got out of bed.

And something happened.

I have energy. Frenetic energy. I'm trying to eat everything in the house (insert picture of large Muppet, somewhere between Sweetums and Animal, stomping through the forest chanting, "Sugar! Sugar! Sugar! MEEEEEEAAAAAT!!!"). It's only 10 a.m. and I've got three loads of laundry done and have tormented the cat. I want to write MORE, but I can't sit still, have to get up and walk around restlessly. I want to run. Run through the woods. Lope like the wind! Rob a bear of its kill and howwwwwwwlll!!!

Ahem. Yes. Well.

So. What will you do with your one wild and precious life?


Randy said...

Tone set: The following is in the tone of of the "Thank you" commercials.

Well, that's ummm...wow that is really ummm...Yo, ::: nervous laugh ::: no holds barred ... ummm....

Thank you?

Anonymous said...

I've decided I have but one recourse to fulfill all my subconscious ambitions.

I'm quitting the professional geek business, and I'm becoming a pirate.
- I can Explore
- I can Muse
- I can politic
- I can star gaze
- I can be ruthless and pilalge unsuspecting cultures.
- And i can pilot a ship from the mighty-mighty quarter deck.

*Goes to get started*


Joyella said...

I drew another psycho-self portrait tonight. Had the urge to do something creative, and Gilmore Girls wasn't on tonight....

I'm not sure about the trapeze artist thing. That could be dangerous. I did run/walk this morning. Does that count?

Pastry chef--been eating the cookies I made the other day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I sneak them so as not to be a bad influence on the children. hehe. No, actually I just had one at lunch, and two after dinner. "Is that so wrawng?"

Sculptor--played with play-doh yesterday, even practiced the coiling technique.

Might be a while before I can deep sea dive. Maybe I'll take a deep-tub-bath....

Joyella said...

Jeremy, that is perfect. I am sure your moral standards won't get in the way either. *wink*

I'd be a pirate just so I could wear my striped tights every day. :)

Actually, I think all of this talk sounds like child's play. My kids pretend all of this stuff all day long. Oh, to be four or five again...Pirates one minute, Jedi Knights the next, then they are tigers in the jungle, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Great Scott! says:

The first thirty minutes of my day before getting out of bed are more nightmare than fantasy- Do I have to be conscious again? Ugh. After an hour or so I fit for cognition and/or other humans.

Anonymous said...



(Just getting all my jargon down, since I missed "Talk Like a Pirate Day" this year)

(Okay, so I lied, I didn't become a real pirate yesterday. I'm still a professional geek.)

Cindy said...

Randy--Now you see why your spirit felt so strongly that I needed my own blog--so I wouldn't post stuff like that on yours! ;) :D

Jeremy--I LIKE the pirate vocation idea! How strange that, yes indeed, all your chosen "lives" would fit it. Must be fate or confirmation or something. :) (Mark your calendar now for International Talk Like a Pirate Day next year. September 19, methinks. Arrgh, Matey! :::scrubbing out the chum bucket in anticipation:::)

Joyella--Hello!! What a great way to start the cyberday: seeing you here! I giggled through the first couple of your "fantasy fulfillments", but gave it up and laughed myself silly when I got to the deep sea tub diving! I think that's a necessity for ANYONE with children, though. After all, the water has to be deep enough for you to submerge past a depth that allows you to hear them knocking and hollering at the bathroom door!

Great Scott--I'm sorry your mornings are torturous. At least the next four should be better, yes? Now. Your five other lives. Let me guess: world famous novelist, reform camp sergeant with the authority to execute dissenters, Jedi Knight complete with cheat code functions, independently and ludicrously wealthy, and big game hunter. (I'm cheating, 'cause I remember some from the other night.) Close?

Randy said...



I loved you posting stuff like this on my blog but I LOVE you having your own site even more...it's just right that better than me writers should have their own blog.

How many times I gotta' tell you dat?

I want to be a hip-hop star now. A nice non-thug non-bouncy one.

Jeremy as a pirate...cool. Hi Coolyella!

Joyella said...

What a cool bunch of people posting here. I like all of you and your crazy fantasy lives. Looking forward to Sept 19th. I like to say "poop deck" hehe. "Ah shiver me timbers, matie, that Narwal poked a dem hole in the poop deck!"

Joyella said...

Jeremy- I think Jedi Knight Master would also fit all of your "lives", it also has a little more integrity than pirate :). I still can't find one that meets all my requirements...

Anonymous said...

Joyella, then I couldn't sing "Drink up me hearties, yo ho!"

And I don't have the patience to be a Jedi Master. Knight maybe. Or maybe a Jedi Pirate!

(*thinking that Mara Jade already was a Jedi Pirate* - but Mara Jade was frickin' cool!)

Yeah, a Jedi Pirate's life for me!

*Best Johney Depp Voice* ... Drink up me hearties, yo ho!


Astrid said...

Haha .. now tell me what did you have for breakfast this day?

Cindy said...

:::hanging head:::

Oh, Astrid. I will guiltily confess. A box of Nerds candy and Peanut M&Ms.


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