Monday, November 22, 2004

If You Had Five Other Lives . . .

I've been working my way through a book on creativity. A sort of writer's block therapy between covers. One of the exercises last week was to quickly think of five other lives you'd lead besides this one. Examples given were painter, cowboy, policeman, teacher (for crazy and/or the really dedicated among you!), dancer, etc. . . You're not supposed to put too much thought into it--just do it, then look at it. One of the main purposes of the book is to get uptight people like me to remember how to PLAY and then dare to DO it!

I was intrigued with my results. I chose

Watercolor painter
Fantasy/sci-fi book writer
Web-page designer (I know NOTHING about this, but it "feels" like it could be fun.)
Sorceress/Prophetess (Yeah, it's going beyond the scope of what the book intends, but hey, it's creative!)

It made me curious to know what other people might say, so I'm going to go post a link to Randy's website and see if anyone else wants to volunteer a little self-disclosure.


Randy said...

Hmmmm...other five things I would like to be without thinking to hard about it....

1. The Hulk
2. A space warrior able to travel through dimensions
3. A cherubim
4. A professional artist
5. A senator (not kidding.)

Anonymous said...


And yes, I'm an evil nasty ISTJ.
(Odd that I didn't think of political figure, (ie. Randy's Senator idea, but I saw myself more as an Assistant Secretary of Homeland Technology, or somethng.)


Randy said...


Joyella said...

O.K. Here's mine:

1. sculptor/potter
2. oceanographer (I wanted to say astronomer too, but I didn't want Jeremy to think I was copying him :)
3. pastry chef
4. trapeze artist
5. children's book author/illustrator

I am sure there are more. I actually entertain this idea more than I care to admit. Don't get me wrong, I love my present vocation as "mom" but involved in that, I am finding that I have many interests, or that there is so much that I know so little about. As a mom, I am already wearing the hats of : short order cook, barber, professional shopper, laundress, housekeeper, accountant, teacher, events planner, gardener, seamstress, nurse, chauffer, decorator, and social cooridinator.

Cindy said...

Joyella--Add counselor/psychologist to your list! And slayer of monsters-under-the-bed. Most important, that last one.

Randy--the Hulk?!? That made me grin big. And I loved cheribim. Yes. I can see you now. Sort of a big green Bill Bixby with feathers and lots of eyes. . .

Jeremy--Director of Homeland Technology. I like the sound of that. But isn't that position already taken by Al Gore?

Randy said...

"I can see you now. Sort of a big green Bill Bixby with feathers and lots of eyes. . . "

and don't forget the ability to travel between dimensions and filibuster stupid legislation on the senate floor. VERY important.

Joyella said...

Also add to mine, punching bag, professional wrestler, and gymnast (it is important to know how to make a quick and nimble exit).

Randy as Hulk.... I don't quite see it. As my boys ask me regularly about the abilities of super heros, I simply say about the Hulk that he is a very angry, strong, green man. Not my favorite. Randy, I think Green Lantern, Aquaman, Spiderman, or the Flash are much better choices. Of course, when you mix in the cherubim, it makes a little more sense...*trailing of to imagine it*

Randy said...

Coolyella...a very green *righteously* angry cherubim who talks a lot, sees everything and travels through multiple dimensions kicking evil's butt.

Think of a very disempowered little third grade boy seeking signs of strength and power and only seeing it in anger. Then imagine that boy running into a figure that embodies raw strength and power coming from a very gentle man. Often that *hulk* would show signs of mercy if not innate goodness in the midst of his display of power which then turned the monster back into a man and often saved the innocent in the process.

I had a hulk lunch box and thermos in the third grade. To be fair I also had superman prescription glasses (not kidding.) The S logo was on the earpiece.

Anonymous said...

HA! I had superman glasses too Randy!!! AWESOME!!! Though they didn't help save me from the evil overlord called Cindy when I was little but they made me feel tougher :)~

Darin (AKA)Cindy's lil bub

P.S. Please forgive my transgresion older sister I can already hear the curse of the belly button God upon your breath.

Randy said...

Fantastic. I would hazard a guess that because of those glasses...we are better men. ;)

Cindy said...

So what I'm wantin' to know is. . .

what effect did the SpiderMan underoos have?