Monday, February 22, 2010

Who IS This Person?

Tonight I have been sitting here updating my resumé to include in an application to the Ozark Writing Project's Summer Invitational Institute. When I finished saving the updated file, I raided Great Scott's desk for suitable paper--the really nice stuff--and printed out my creation.

It frightens me. It looks so official and...impressive. Who is this person, and what in the world am I doing impersonating her?!


alaiyo said...

I've had that feeling myself! Isn't it wonderful to bring it all together and realize that all that exhaustion has had some kind of result?!

You're wonderful, my friend, but the most wonderful things about you don't have a place on the resume.

Cindy said...

Thank you, Beth. A great deal of the impressiveness of the resume--a HUGE deal of it--is the direct result of your having taken a chance on hiring a tentative and uncertain tutor twenty-two years ago. :)

David Millstone said...

The penumbra of associations is so fantastical in a resume. Our most objectified face. Our own little Mt. Rushmore.

Lucindyl said...

David--"...penumbra of associations..." I like that very much.