Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Publication: Rogue Poetry Review

Rogue Poetry Review's premier issue is now online.

Before you check it out, I'd like to ask a couple of favors, especially from those of you who don't read Quotidian Light because of its poetry connection.

1. Please read the poems aloud or at least under your breath. Not just mine-- all the poems you read. Poetry is as much sound play and taken in by the ear as it is a visual experience of words across a page. If you can't "hear" a poem, you're missing at least half of it, and perhaps more than half, since poetry is fully incarnate only in one's body, a physical creation, spoken into complete being through breath and flesh.

2. (For those of my readers who have never read my work.) I am a Christian. I am a poet. This does not mean that my poetry resembles Helen Steiner Rice's or ever will or ever should. (Thank you, Lord!) If either of my two poems at RPR offend you, feel free to email me or pray for me, if it will make you feel better; I will not be offended. (My email is accessible through my blogger profile.) If you are vociferously affronted, I'll probably pray for you, too.

3. Comment, comment, comment! Not just on my poems there, but on the other poets' work, as well, and please do read the other poems that are up at RPR. Tell the poets what you like and what you think. Rogue Poetry Review's editor, Michael Wells, has set RPR up in a blog format that allows for such comments on each poet's work; please use that. We will love you forever.


I_Wonder said...

Way to go, Cindy! I'm looking forward to more of your poetry. I like the passion and genuine humanity.

alaiyo said...

I may comment there when I have more time to do so thoughtfully, but wow! These have always been two of my favorites. Bless you for taking risks.

Michael said...


Not only was I honored to have your work among the many submissions, but I find your instructions here on reading poems to be riveting. I believe you have hit upon it so well- expressing succinctly (for those who poetry is not a daily part of their lives) how to take in a poem.

I appreciate your word craft skills and hope more people will see your work in the future.

Anonymous said...

You rock evil twin!

Cindy said...

Each of your comments was very encouraging to me in a very specific and different way. Thank you.

Paul--Your writing is a steadying, calming thing for me in dark or turbulent times. Your kind words on the poems are appreciated.

Beth--You, of all people, are excused from commenting on my poetry! Given your faithful feedback during my months-years long drafting processes, you've more than met whatever comment quota our friendship might impose! (i.e. You've suffered enough.)

Michael--Your comments here and your email are humbling. Thank you for your encouragement, and feel free to use or to adapt and use that paragraph, if the need or desire ever strikes you.

Randy--It pleased me to think of you sharing the first poem with TG when the time is right, and I'm sorry the second one scares you, but I'm still glad you like it. Merci for your comments at RPR.

Fieldfleur said...

Beautiful, Cindy. I'm sorry my comments aren't critical. I just really enjoyed the movement of your words and the images of the bird being plucked:) and the feeling being zested up lyrically.

I'm glad you shared your talent with me through these poems.

take care,

Dave said...

Both poems are amazingly good. Really, really, good.

Did I mention how I good I think they are?

Cindy said...

Teri and Dave--I'm happy you enjoyed.

seeker said...

So often I view the world in terms of color and Alchemy is so similar to how I see sex...it's fantastic. As for Mania, I find it both disturbing and compelling. I can't wait to see more.

Cindy said...

Seeker--You may also enjoy Donald Hall's poem, "Gold". I'd long written "Alchemy" when I first read "Gold", and the coincidental color connection gave me goosebumps. Maybe there's something to it.