Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog Break

I am taking a month off from church. I am lying low here at home, seeing only my immediate family and, when I take the girls to school and then go by her house, my grandmother. Occasionally I will talk to my siblings or parents on the phone, but for the most part, I'm scaling back all people activity. This time of year seems to take a lot out of me, so much this time around that I'm needing to pull back from my blogging activity as well. Needing to pull back from a lot of things, although I'm not able to entirely.

In a few days I do expect to be able to post a link to an online journal that will be publishing two of my poems. The first issue isn't up yet, but I'll link it when it is.

I will be reading emails, although I expect not to be blog reading for a bit. Feel free.


alaiyo said...

Thinking of you, dear sister!

Love, Beth

Kristin said...

Sending warm thoughts to you, and wishes that this pulling back is rich in the ways you need. That's really exciting about your poems, too! I'll look forward to reading them.

Anonymous said...

Have a restful break.

Ben W.

Fieldfleur said...

You're on my daily prayer list!

Enjoy the solitude and enrichment. Thanks for the future link to your beautiful literary images.


atticus said...

a break from people, that sounds nice...hoping you are blessed with the silence, the peace and perhaps the joy of aloneness and the Not really being alone...