Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pragmatic Romanticism

We are romantics at our house. We watch "Lord of the Rings" together over Christmas break every year, sniffling throughout. Scott even tears up during "Serenity" and "Lady Jane", and the girls...the girls are all about daring rescues and hope and love and drama. Ah, the drama! Still, we live in a very real world here at Possum Box Lane. The house is old with all sorts of quirks and problems, and we have to adjust: when the wind blows just right during a storm, the windows in the downstairs bedroom are going to leak; spiders (wolf and brown recluse) are a seasonal issue; and the plumbing is temperamental. It makes for a funny mix sometimes, living in any number of ideal worlds and in the real one at the same time.

This morning "Return of the Jedi" was playing in the living room, specifically the climactic scene complete with intense music and flaring blue lights as Darth Vader makes his redeeming choice, lifts his evil master, the Emperor, and hurls him over the guard rails and down the Death's Star's shaft where a final explosion of electric blue billows deep in the core, signifying the end of the evil empire.

After a moment of silence, the older daughter speaks. "That's bad. That's gonna plug something up."


alaiyo said...

Older daughter may be more like you than you think on some days . . . :)

Love y'all!


Kristin said...

That's awesome! :)

Julie Carter said...

That's just beautiful. *sniff* :D

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

Yeah, what Beth said!