Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thirteen Dreams of Doings

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Lucinda Dreams of Doing

1. Owning and living in a house with huge windows and floor to ceiling every room.

2. Or a hobbit hole similarly outfitted.

3. In the middle of nowhere.

4. Publishing a book of poetry with which I'm satisfied.

5. Throwing things away without feeling guilty or wasteful.

6. Fitting in size 10 clothes again.

7. Traveling in or living in Scotland.

8. And the rest of Great Britian.

9. Understanding the trees' language.

10. Spilling joy into our daughters' lives.

11. Having Great Scott! look back on our marriage after 60 years and say, "It was worth it."

12. Being a vehicle for light.

13. Living each day in stillness, regardless of circumstances.

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A note: The idea for this particular Thurday Thirteen was happily and unabashedly snitched from Meg (see #1 above).


Meg said...

Beautiful :) Glad you yonked it!

Dawn said...

Hey Cindy, thanks for the reminder and what a great list of dreams.

#1 I have this one too… I am trying to make one room in my apartment like that now, but it is very difficult in an apartment
#4 I can relate too… only mine would just be a book published
#6 I hear ya there!
#11-13 These are awesome!

Mine are up and posted too (a day late but who is really counting???) :smile:

Fieldfleur said...

So all I have to do is copy and past the html onto my post area? or onto a template? I wanna do this but it looks scary. Okay, deep breath, I'll try later today when I have time!

I like your 12 and 13, and I'll bet you currently do this!!


Cindy said...

Meg--"Yonked." Good word. :)

Dawn--I like your attitude: "...a day late but who is really counting???"

Teri--Yep. Copy and paste into your posting area.

#s 12 and 13--Don't I wish!