Thursday, March 23, 2006

Instead of Blogging: Things I've Done in the Past Nine Days

1. Worked the school book fair.
2. Visited and run errands with my grandmother.
3. Parent-Teacher conferences.
4. Taxes.
5. Paid monthly bills.
6. Packaged up Jif Extra Crunchy to send across the pond.
7. More pen and paper journaling than usual.
8. Drafted two new poems...or maybe three.
9. Taken the girls to the library.
10. Spent a slow weekend watching movies with Scott and the girls. (Note: I have lived the movie "Junebug", although not so much in regard to Great Scott's family.)
11. Cleaned strawberry vomit out of pale beige carpeting at 3:00 a.m.
12. Watched an amaryllis open into a flourish of deep red trumpets in my windowsill.
13. Obsessed over fountain pens.
14. Spent a day with the girls in Springfield for dental visits, spring shoe shopping and a trip to Borders.
15. Had a long overdue visit with a friend.
16. Laughed with my brother on the phone.
17. Battled a false self.
18. Made pound cake from scratch.
19. Cleaned fallen branches and twigs out of the yard.
20. Stayed functional, if not optimal.


Jennifer said...

7. There's something comforting about writing longhand sometimes. I'm currently working on an essay/long blog entry that I want to have depth, and I'm writing it by hand first so I work out my thoughts while I'm doing it.
8. I'm glad to hear you're writing/drafting poetry again.
17. I hope you vanquished the false self.

I hope you enjoyed the past nine days!

Dave said...

I was wondering what had happened to you. I can see from #6 you have been productively occupied.

Mark D said...

I missed you...although it is obvious you have been productive.

Welcome back!

alaiyo said...

All I can say is, anyone who thinks *living* is more important than *blogging* . . . well, is very wise!

Sounds like a good nine days, if perhaps a bit harried (especially the sick child part). The loveliness of spring and grandmothers and writing poetry . . . wonderful.

By the way, #12 gc is a girl; that makes 6 of each. So the YM will have to have equal numbers when he grows up, if no one else has more . . . ! :)

Love and blessings,


Dawn said...

Ya know, I was just thinking this morning, that I had not heard anything on here in a while... now I know why. Boy, have you been busy!

seeker said...

1. Did you find any good books?
2. *waves* Hi grandmother.
3. Oooo did you get in trouble?
6. Did they run out over there?
8. Excellent. So when can I post one of yours to my site?
11. Did it come out?
12. Fantastic.
14. Did you buy yourself something?
18. Do pound cakes weigh a pound?

Meg said...

Glad to see you back :) You've been missed.

GrumpyTeacher1 said...


I think pound cakes are called that because they take a pound of butter. Now most of it is inside me.


seeker said...

GrumpyTeacher1 - You're so lucky, you got cake and you got to eat it too.

Fieldfleur said...

Inspirational list ... let me know if you have nonblogging visiting time for next week!


Cindy said...

Jennifer--I agree, and I draft things of much more quality longhand than on the computer, although there's no comparison when it comes to editing and revision work--the computer wins hands down there. As for vanquishing the false self, I think that's a lifetime undertaking. I did have bits and pieces of moments when I was on top, though.

Dave--Indeed. Indeed. 'Twas mailed yesterday, but may take awhile to get there. Hopefully the wait will be worth it.

Mark, Dawn and Meg--Thank you very much. Sometimes it's nice to be missed.

Beth--Congratulations on the newest grandbaby!! Huzzah!

Teri--I think it'll finally work out. So far next week is mostly clear. :)

1. Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons: The Story of Phyllis Wheatley A young adult level book, but it intrigued me. You don't hear much about Phyllis Wheatley, and it pleased me to see this.
3. I NEVER get in trouble!!! I go to P/T conferences to give the teachers the opportunity to throw themselves at my feet in gratitude!!
6. :::much amusement::: Actually, I think it gets dumped overboard into the harbor on its arrival...The Liverpool Peanut Butter Parties, or something like that.
8. I was just asking myself that this morning, "When is Seeker going to post one of my poems on the SeekerBlog?"
11. It certainly seemed to. There wasn't much left in her by the time she got downstairs! (Yes, thanks to Oxi-Clean.)
14. Mary Oliver's Owls and Other Fantasies and Fairyopolis, a totally frivolous spoil-me sort of book.
18. I think it's because they add the people who eat them. :p

seeker said...

I'm feeling jealous of your reading material. The Six Sigma Way just isn't as entertaining as a good book of poetry.