Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Book Pass-It-On Questionaire Thingy

Feeble Knees has tapped my shoulder with a chain questionaire thingy, this one about books! Books! Books! Books! Books! Books!

Ahem. Pardon.

1. Total number of books owned:

Well.... I had to do this by rooms, so:

1,000 in the study. Odd that it was such an even number. Total coincidence, though.
67 in our bedroom. Mostly on the floor beside the bed, as there are no shelves in this room.
33 on or around my desk. Also no shelving
13 in the kitchen
98 in the living room. In a china cabinet instead of dishes and on a cedar chest.
204 on and around a bookshelf in the dining room.
168 in the girls' room. Not counting under the bed or buried.
65 in the playroom.
Total: 1,648. But then I found two more boxes in the utility room, and an Amazon order has come in this week, and Great Scott's birthday is Friday, and more will be forthcoming then. Nor does this total include the ones we've loaned out, which are legion. (Happy sigh!)

2. Last books we've bought:

Great Scott:
A Short History of Linguistics by R.H. Robins
Landmarks in Linguistic Thought I: The Western Tradition from Socrates to Saussure by John E. Joseph, Nigel Love and Talbot J. Taylor
Landmarks in Linguistic Thought II: The Western Tradition in the Twentieth Century by John E. Joseph, Nigel Love and Talbot J. Taylor
Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces

Yes, these are for his graduate classes this summer, but they're also snifty books. :)

The Fur Person by May Sarton
Nurture by Nature by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger (MBTI theory and child raising)
New and Selected Poems by Mary Oliver
The Best Day the Worst Day by Donald Hall (just out this spring, autobiographical about his and Jane Kenyon's life together--most excellent book)
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson (non-fiction about the Chicago World's Fair and a serial killer who operated in Chicago during that time)
Rumi: Gardens of the Beloved and Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin (I take one of these to church to read whenever the temptation strikes to tear the upholstry apart with my teeth out of frustration.)
A top secret book I can't name because it's for Great Scott's birthday, and he reads this blog. :::smug smile:::

3. Last book I read:

Read as in finished reading? Ten Little Kittens which I read aloud to my niece yesterday.
Read as in referenced? The Bible, which I used in a lengthy reply on a friend's bloga few minutes ago, a reply which was promptly lost in cyberspace glitches. (grrrr--sorry, Beth.)

4. Five books that mean a lot to me:

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip
House of Light by Mary Oliver
Prayer by Richard Foster
Otherwise by Jane Kenyon
Leaf by Niggle by J. R.R. Tolkien (a lengthy short story, really, but definitive for me)

5. Five people to whom to pass the baton:

Beth--Because although I know her literary tastes, she finds new things and educates me.
FieldFleur--Because I suspect there will be tasty things on her shelves as well.
The Way Seeker--Whose blog, which I have only recently discovered, intrigues and greatly amuses me.
PDub--Because I know very little of his reading habits but suspect him of having them.
Steph--Because I'm interested.


alaiyo said...

Will reply after I count books and see what's in the amazon box that came this week!

Fun stuff! What *is* The Fur Person about?!

So sorry you lost the reply! That happened to me recently . . . I have taken to typing up anything that is longer than a short paragraph in Word and then copying and pasting it -- that way if the cyberspace munchkins get hold of it, I still have a copy!



Anonymous said...

Great Scott said:

What am I getting?

Tell me pleeeeeeeeeeez!

No, wait, don't tell me.

I hate waiting.

seeker said...

Thank you for passing the baton my way. Swing on by to see what I wrote.

Cindy said...

Beth--The Fur Person is about a cat who progresses from a Cat About Town to a Gentleman Cat to a Gentle Cat to a Fur Person. Sarton wrote it about a stray that she and a friend took in. Utterly cattish, charming and witty book.

Great Scott--Fun stuff. Stuff you will like.

Seeker--Many thanks!

alaiyo said...

Books are posted. Have fun. I will look out for the Sarton book; sounds delightful!