Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Job Shadowing Incident

Friday Great Scott (The Husband) took The Younger Daughter to school with him for her job shadowing assignment. When his first class walked in and inquired about the new kid, he told them, "She's the new student from Juvenile Hall. She has to sit next to me because she has a history of stabbing people with scissors."

The believed him completely. The Younger Daughter was thrilled.


Michael said...

OMG that's so funny in a sort of macabre way.

LuCindy said...

Michael, when Great Scott told me what happened and I expressed surprise that the kids would believe him, he told me that every single kid in that class had been arrested themselves, so they found it entirely plausible.

Vincent said...

Very stylish! I hope there were no negative repercussions from humourless authorities. I've heard about American schools. Unless The Husband is also The Authority, in which case, double congrats.