Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Someday You'll Have Children Just Like You...

The Younger Daughter is the liviliest of our bunch. Great Scott and I are, as The Older Daughter likes to remind us, aged and slow, and her sister, as Great Scott and I like to remind her, is energy conservative (save her father prefers the briefer, 4 letter word in all its simplicity). This means that The Younger Daughter often finds herself wandering about the house forlornly looking for something interesting to do while the other three members of the family are preoccupied. Christmas break has evidently been especially hard on her, but ever the innovative child, she managed to entertain herself with pen and pencil. The results are telling.

Once upon a time there was a little dragon. Now she was a good little dragon. Her family hoarded not gems but books. The little dragon got on nerves a lot. Though she tried her best she always got on other dragons' nerves.

One day she was bored, and she'd read all her Humanology books. So she went to her sister who was reading.

"Leave me alone. I don't have any ideas. Now go away!" her sister snapped. Then she burned the little dragon's backside very fiercely, and the little dragon left her sister to the book.

So the little dragon went to her mother who was also reading.

"I'm bored. Do you have any ideas of what to do?"

Her mom was not in a good mood. "Youngling, you are taking your life into your claws. The only things that stands between you and my snapping sanity is this book!" her mother answered and gave her a good whack with it.

Sadly the little dragon left to find her father. Suddenly her father flew in the lair and removed the umbrella from over the book he brought.

"Daddy..." the little dragon began.

"I'm reading. Leave me alone, Child!" and he lashed her with his tail.

By now the little dragon's backside was hurting miserably, so she made an ice pack and lay down. Then she drew. She drew dragons killing with flame, diamond spear and tail. The her parents came in with her sister and saw the painting and realized the suffering they had caused her and asked for forgiveness, and the little dragon gave them just that, and her family learned to think before they acted.


Randy said...

wow. ... wow. Poor little dragon. What's the outcome?

Sol said...

What a marvellous story and an insightful child!

Ben said...


Cindy said...

Randy--The story was delivered aloud at the table with such drama that the little dragon's family fell about laughing with tears in their eyes in a most disgraceful manner. She was very stern with least until she broke into giggles herself. That's basically been the outcome, although her mother has been asking for more help in the kitchen recently when the little dragon is bored, which both the little dragon and her mother like.

Sol--Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Yes, she is a rather insightful child, which lends itself to both the humility and hilarity of her family. So glad you enjoyed the story.

Ben--We really don't beat her. Honestly! She does have a tremendous flair for the dramatic gesture, doesn't she?

Randy said...

good! I am so glad to know that little dragons giggle. :)

alaiyo said...

Oh, Cindy, that's the funniest thing I've read in ages! I want her in my classes!

Paul said...

Yes, if you're fortunate you'll have grandchildren just like your children!

predictablepoet said...

Forgiving little dragon. Heaping coals of [dragon]fire on the other dragons' heads, eh?

Gretchen Birch said...

That is so funny! I can just see you all laughing about it!