Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve--Surprise Me List

Infamous for his War on Whining gratitude posts, Randy of Everyday Thoughts Collected asks for Thanksgiving lists of those things for which we are grateful but which are a little unusual. Skewed, in fact. So here it is, dear twin, the Quotidian Light list of Thanksgiving peculiarities.

1. Dirt. (For repotting the orchids.)

2. Socks with individual toes.

3. Benadryl for when the children are too crazy.

4. Alcohol for when the husband is too crazy.

5. Morrowind, for when one simply MUST live life as a lizard in a dress robe.

6. Children who want cooking utensils and badgers for Christmas.

7. Wormer.

8. Small dead animal carcasses on the front porch. (As opposed to in the house.)

9. The word "no." As in, "No, we're not going anywhere for Thanksgiving."

10. Individual cups in bras. (Great Scott seconds this one enthusiastically.)


Randy said...


Question ...

#10...does he find them more comfortable?

::: bwooohahahahahhhaha ha! :::

grumpyteacher said...

Only after a great deal of drinking.

grumpyteacher said...

They keep my ears warm.

Cindy said...

11. Smart mouthed men.

Randy said...

::: laughing :::

Oh that was fun!

seeker said...

Would you explain #7 to me?

Cindy said...

Seeker--Oh, I think it's much more interesting left just as it is, don't you? :)

(We have three indoor-outdoor cats who hunt a lot--see #8.)

seeker said...

Lol, yes it is more interesting left as is, but thank you for the extra info. All I could think of was that you had an incident with worms and your pets needed deworming.