Sunday, August 12, 2007

Celebration Ideas, Anyone?

On Tuesday Great Scott and I will be completing our 17th year of marriage. We'll also be attending Jr. High Open House with The Older Daughter. Ah, wedded bliss!

I'm taking suggestions about what might be some ways we could celebrate at home, since that's where we're going to be for awhile, what with Great Scott beginning teachers' meetings and then full-blown school next week.

Open to romantic suggestions, especially from male readers, 'cause often enough I completely miss the boat when it comes to doing things that make occasions special for Great Scott.


alaiyo said...

Probably not much help, but here it would be a steak dinner by candlelight with a favorite homemade dessert and maybe a movie . . . with any kiddos safely tucked away at a babysitter's or friend's or relative's house . . . :)

Happy anniversary early!

Michael said...

For a home celebration, I think a nice dinner is a good idea, perhaps there is some local place that has good food that you could bring home and do the candlelight thing - definitely child free.

It seems kind of a one sided affair if you get stuck cooking the meal. Unless you both have special cooking skills and can equally contribute to the preparation.

17 years... how cool is that!

GrumpyTeacher1 said...

How sweet.

No ideas.


Fieldfleur said...

Happy anniversary, and what a show of endurance. That's wonderful and inspiring and keep on going.