Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yes, I'm still breathing. In fact, there's been quite a bit of breathing going on. There have been lots of other things going on, too.

1. Play practice twice a week, dress rehearsals for a week and then at last, opening night and completion of the first weekend's performances.
2. Finishing up another journal volume and beginning a new one.
3. Visits to the doctor and errand running with my grandmother.
4. Visiting a variety of churches. (We're looking. Again. Or, rather, still.)
5. Getting sunburned at the White Hart Renaissance Faire.
6. Celebrating the birthday of a dear family member.
7. Keeping theater and graduate student hours-- the girls, too.
8. Researching and finding mythopoetic literary venues.
9. Great Scott finishing up ENG 600 (Methods of Research and Bibliography) at MSU in 4 weeks instead of the usually scheduled 16 weeks.
10. Having The Older Niece (11 yrs.) over for a weekend.
11. Losing 10 pounds.
12. Walking down paths lined with field grasses higher than my head, many in bloom.
13. Taunting The Older Daughter with the newly arrived, seventh Harry Potter book while she was still in the shower just for the amusement of hearing her scream.


alaiyo said...

So *that's* where the extra ten pounds I've discovered lately came from . . . :) Y'all are busy as usual, but it sounds like a good kind of busy . . .


Michael said...

Ah... but what are you doing in your spare time? :)

Okay, I'm curious about "mythopoetic literary venues"... please tell me more.

Cheryl of the Wilds of C said...

I think I screamed when I got my Harry Potter book too.

Cindy said...

Beth--I'm sorry. They're non-returnable, though.

Michael--Spare time? Okay, I'm curious about "spare time"...please tell me more. More on mythopoetic literary venues in a post to come.

Cheryl--And did you keep screaming as you read it, and characters were dropping like flies?

'Cause The Older Daughter did, coming downstairs near midnight sniffling with red eyes, too.

And then, of course, I scarfed it down the next day, and I'll admit to getting pretty choked up at a couple of places.

Fieldfleur said...

Hey Cindy,
I just finished the 7th,one day after buying it. So good! Good to get an update on you. That's wonderful about walking down paths lined with field grasses higher than your head. Is this how the 10 lbs came off? It's all worth it then!
Take care,